Sleep Soundly, Even When Traveling.

sleep-concierge-blog.jpgTrouble sleeping?

Most people rely on a specific bedtime routine to ensure a good night’s rest. The common tricks include aromatherapy, sound machines or sleeping masks. A sleep routine can be a real nightmare to follow if you travel a lot, unless you conk out at the The Benjamin Hotel in New York City.

The Benjamin offers a sleep concierge that guarantees you sleep soundly. Their goal is to cater to the client and provide the essential sleep amenities; including 11 types of pillows, high thread count sheets and comforters, a variety of aromatherapy scents, massages, and a host of midnight snacks. This attention to detail will even have insomniacs sleeping a full eight hours.


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Luxury that Lasts


Would you buy an organic shirt, pant suit, or jacket? Don’t think recyclables like paper, plastics, or glass. Think organic cotton and bamboo. Originally, organic fabric made me think of a burlap sack strategically synched around the waist in an array of browns. I was surprisingly wrong. Viridis Luxe created a brand of clothing that is both sustainable and luxurious. The cotton line includes trendy wrap dresses, shirts, and sweater coats that feel more like cashmere than burlap. The designs are simple, but slightly more expensive. Similar to organic food, you’re paying to save the environment.

Fashion trendsetters are experimenting with this organic style to reduce the eco footprint of their customers, or even educate their customers. One fashion line turned activists, Edun, teams sustainable style with building sustainable communities in Africa. Their clothes aren’t as fashion forward, but the cause behind wearing the brand seems…fit to last.


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Megayachts to Dinghies!

yacht.jpgVacation homes are passé, why not rent a yacht for your next retreat. Don’t picture the dinghies parked at the local boatyard. Yachts spell luxury. Each has the amenities of a fully furnished luxury home, but these amenities come at a price. The most expensive ‘megayachts start at $500,000 per week for luxury on the open seas.

For most, a vacation that costs as much as a moderate size home is not practical. Another option, with the privacy and amenities similar to a megayacht, is chartering a schooner or private boat. Prices range about $10,000 per week to $100,000 plus per week depending on your preferred wiggle room and crew size. Having had the opportunity to sail, I personally think the most attractive reason to charter your vacation isn’t inside the boat, but outside. Alaska, Turkey, the Mediterranean, the South Pacific, Greece; wherever you decide to go, destination is essential! Pick a location that suites your personality and your vacation style. There’s no reason to stress with a fully serviced yacht and a knock-dead-gorgeous view.


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Roughing it at the Trump Tower

trump.jpgSo you want to live in New York City, the center of it all. While there may be a few houses on Manhattan, most who choose to live on the island do so in condos, apartment high rises, duplexes and residential towers. No commute, and its all there at your fingertips, in one of the most exciting, diverse bustling cities in the world. Wall Street. Art Museums. The Empire State Building. World class shopping. 5-star restaurants and all the glamour and mayhem that is New York City. How about considering a suite at the Trump World Tower at the United Nations Plaza?

According to, this tower was the tallest of its kind when New York City was completed. This “landmark” rises about the east river and Manhattan, and boasts he most luxurious residential suites in the world. You can choose a spacious 3 bedroom or go for a deluxe penthouse, complete with wood burning fireplaces and maid’s quarters. All homes have ten to sixteen foot ceilings for outstanding views of the city. There is a private wine cellar, valet parking in the garage, a private health club and spa and a 60 foot swimming pool. Don’t forget the kind doormen and round the clock concierge service. Imagine dining in an outstanding restaurant right in your building, then taking a limo ride to a show on Broadway. You return to your in room jacuzzi and made bed with 300 count thread sheets. It is all there for you. at A 3 bedroom, home with dining room and 3.5 baths and 2,871 feet of luxury costs $6,500,000.

Haute Coffee


Espresso machines are still all the rage in our java induced coffee swirling society. But you needn’t go to Starbucks for your fix, when you can have one of these beauties on your countertop at home. Imagine entertaining your guests, and offering them a Cappuccino or Latte with the push of a single button. The Jura-Capresso Impressa Z6 is one of the finest made, totally automated and programmable coffee machines in the world. It is made in Switzerland from the finest materials, in shining aluminum and a design that is “art as a medium espressed in many ways.” according to, a purveyor of fine coffee and tea. The desinger of this machine says: “The delicious aroma that comes with a perfect cup of coffee, the beautiful organic shape of a coffee bean: there’s a sensuality about both of them that I somehow wanted to reflect in the design of the machine.” This do-it-all coffeemaker even grinds your beans and then froths up a crema with your instruction.

Get your gourmet Arabica beans imported from Italy at The Z6  also has its very own water filteration system and self-cleaning device, a selling point in itself as coffee grinds can be pretty messy. Impress your friends and offer them a Cafe Ole in style.  Avaialble at fine retailers and for about $3,659.00. 

The biggest small PC


 Imagine being able to slip this computer into your pocket as you travel. This PC weighs only one pound. Available from, this computer has everything you need. Microsoft Windows XP operating system? Check. Access to email? Check.  VIA VX700 Graphic Card? Check. The OQO model 1 was introduced in 2004 and caused the tech world’s “jaws to drop”, according to, a website that rates computer products and services. It has since been updated in a 2nd model (shown above), which was premiered at the world’s biggest electronics convention in Las Vegas this year.  ( With a 5 inch LCD screen, the graphics are bright and the thumboard is quite user friendly. Its got a built in Sprint modem, and an innovative docking system, not to mention 1 GB of RAM and processor speed of 1.5 Ghz. That’s pretty impressive for this Tiny Tim. Take it with you to the beach, to the coffee shop, to the gym. It certainly beats lugging around a laptop with wires, cables and cards. Get yours for around $2,098.00.

Travelin Light



Your luggage can say alot about your personal style. Your taste, your successes, who you are and where you want to be in life. Whether for business or pleasure, choose luggage to fit your lifestyle. Classic well made luggage is usually made of fine leather, and should be built to last through your many journeys. Samsonite used to be the household name when it came to qulaity luggage, and they still carry some of the finest products. Other well known handbag and luggage leather purveyors include Luis Vuitton and Coach. Gucci makes some of the finest travel products in the world, and they are timeless pieces indeed. According to, Italians make great leather-“We’re not saying Italians always do it better, but when it comes to stylish, quality leather goods, they just might have the upper hand.” From everything handbags and totes to wallets, baby carriers, briefcases and duffels, you can find definite style here. Not all of their pieces carry the classic double “G” stamped pattern that you see on many authentic Gucci pieces, but all of them have some trademark to prove they are the real thing in a world of knock-offs. Check out this travel bag above. This “trolley” is made from chocolate guccissima leather, with silver trim and retractable exterior handle. A zip pocket for identification and a lock comes in handy as well. A beautiful bag that you can take onboard, as its dimensions are only 14x7x20. Gucci makes a statement, there’s no doubt about that. Get yours for $3625.00 online at